Webflow E-commerce Split Payments

Hello guys!

  1. Please Webflow stay up to date with Stripe! Allow us to add Klarna seamlessly. (And why not Utrust? :D)

  2. Can split payments be added cleanly to the Webflow E-commerce checkout? If yes what is the way to do it?

  3. Are there constraints I have to expect regarding my vanilla Webflow e-commerce checkout? (Automation, code, CMS etc)


Webflow might have certain limitations regarding complex automation workflows. Check the Webflow automation features and see if they align with your needs.
While Webflow allows custom code integration, it’s important to understand the constraints around this, especially in the context of e-commerce checkout.
If you’re utilizing Webflow’s CMS for product management, be aware of any limitations in terms of the number of products, variations, or any specific data structure requirements.

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