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How to add emoticon-png in the Rich Text?


Is there a way to get the emoticon IN the text and not Under or floating?

Many thanks in forward,

Grtzzz Corine

Belive this can be done by making the emotion inline block.
Could be that you also need to make if float left but not sure about that :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks @Joscreative, I go and try :-).

Unfortenally I can’t add it as an inline-block in the rich-text… thanks anyway @Joscreative

ah to bad, well a other option is to find a emoticon font and add that to the website and then were you want the emotion just chance the font. That should even work in Rich-text blocks

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Does that works in Rich Text to?

The idea with Emoticons Font is really cool. You will just use some tweaks in the Rich text elements.
The problem is that Rich text doesn’t have a SPANS. But in such situations, I am using “Emphasized text” (italic text) since it is very rare that italic text is needed. Or, if the “italic text” is still should be available I am using H6 option for add some “special characters” in the rich text.



Thanks @sabanna i go try!!