Est-ce possible de rajouter une icône avec le H2 dans le texte enrichi ?


I am creating the article page for my blog. I would like to add an icon before the H2 in the rich text like in the image below. Is it possible ? If not, is there another solution to achieve this result?

Thank you in advance for your answers !

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If it’s the same icon for all of the H2’s, you can do this with custom CSS.
Something like this in a style embed in your page;

.w-richtext h2::before {
  content: "\2605"; 
  padding-right: 10px; 
  font-size: 24px; 

Or for an image icon;

.w-richtext h2::before {
  content: url('https://youricon.webp'); 
  padding-right: 10px; /
  vertical-align: middle;
  width: 24px; 
  height: 24px; 

Check my class name, I think it’s .w-richtext from memory. Adjust sizing, image etc to your liking.