Add an icon to the H2 of the rich text

I am creating the article page for my blog. I would like to add an icon before the H2 in the rich text like in the image below. Is it possible ? If not, is there another solution to achieve this result?

Thanks in advance.

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Is the icon different per CMS item, or is it always the same on every occurrence of H2 within that Rich Text? If it’s always the same, simply add a background image to the H2 heading, adjust indent of text, size of icon etc for a perfect fit, THEN connect the Rich Text to pull it’s content from the CMS.

When creating content within the CMS rich text field, providing you select the heading and make it a H2, it will work. Worth noting you won’t see the icon when editing text, but will on your site.

Like this:

Thank you very much for your answer ! I managed to get the result I wanted!

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You’re most welcome!