Integrate in a text some images

I need the advice of the Webflow community. I’m building my portfolio and I would like to integrate in a text some images as in the capture below. I would like to know if this is possible ? And how to achieve it ? Thank you all (:

So you want to be able to add emojis to text? That works the same way you would in an email or somewhere else. Simply right-click where you want the emoji to appear and select ‘emoji’ from the menu that appears. Like this

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It was so simple ! Thank you Sarah, I feel stupid ! :sweat_smile: I thought I should integrate them as a picture … thank you again (:

haha, that’s okay. it really is this easy :slight_smile:

If I want to put a pictogram, a logo etc it is possible too ?

@Jeanne_Etourneux inside the text? No, this only works for emojis. You can put an image block inbetween text. You’ll have to look at displaying the image as ‘inline’. Or do you mean how do add images in general?

Yes I meant in the text. Instead of an emoji a png of a pictogram, but I think the only solution is a block image if I want to put a pictogram instead of an emoji.

@Jeanne_Etourneux yes, then you’d add an image block

I wanted to do the same thing as the original poster but for MacOS

Not sure if anyone else will need this. But I’ll leave this here if any newbies like me are wondering the same thing -

Go to Edit–>Emoji & Symbols or use the shortcut FnE