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How to add cms page from slug in a cms collection list?

Hey there,

the project I’m doing for the company I’m working in, is getting better and better and I’m learning so much along the way. But every now and then I’m facing problems that I just don’t know how to solve and am glad that this forum and helpful community exists :slight_smile:

I have added the read-only link of the current page I’m working on.
It is a reference page which later on should be a filterable collection list in form of a grid, that our customers can look through and see what type or projects we have already realized and be able to filter by sector (I guess I#ll face problem with the filtering option later on aaswell, but today I have another problem :D)

Due to the content I believe that a cms collection list is the best way to go, so that my colleagues can add projects by themselves. THey should appear like a blog overview and the customers shall be able to click the ‘weiterlesen’ link and be directed to the detailed project page. How can I autoamtically create or pull that from the cms collection list?

Is that a nested collection list and how would I go about that?

Would be happy to get some help here.


Here is my public share link: Webflow - Backup elumico_neu
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I am working on similar case and for me the best solution was to use the CMS Collection Pages. So in your case if you have the CMS called “Referenzen” than if you click on “Pages” and scroll down, you have the CMS Collection Pages I mention at the beginning and there is “Referenzen Template”. You can design your page there and it will work as a template for all of your products. It will drag all the images texts and whatever else you want from the collection list, so you have to create just the template that will work for all products.

As for the other problems with filtering etc. I recommend watching Finsweet videos on YouTube about CMS, maybe it will work for you.

Cheers for the quick answer :slight_smile: Looks like I was a little bit oblivious to the fact that I’m able to do that :smiley: But even the name “… CMS template” should have given me enough info to figure it out myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Also thank you a ton for recommending me the Finsweet videos. I had a quick look and it looks exactly what I need to work on the filtering process!

Have a great week ahead of you :slight_smile: