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I am trying to figure out a solution to a very specific CMS problem. I have created a CMS collection page that corresponds with one CMS collection (Collection 1), and within this page I need to create a Collection List that links to a different CMS collection (Collection 2), with conditional filtering so that it only shows a certain group of items from this collection. Normally I would just go into the Collection List settings and add a filter to accomplish this, but the filter needs to be based on a field from the initial CMS collection (Collection 1) for the specific Collection Page that the list is in. I don’t want to have to go page by page for every item in Collection 1 and manually type in the value for this, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to do this automatically, with the Collection List somehow pulling the value of this field from the Collection Page that it is currently on.

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Hi! I worked on a similar thing for my portfolio website. I had a list of project categories, and a list of projects that were sorted into categories. The projects cms had a multi reference field that linked to the categories cms. Then, when the user clicked on a category, it would actually go to the category cms page rather than the project page. I would have the same setup on every category page, except each would have a different filter. I filtered the projects by category. I think it was something like: category (the multi reference input) is current category. Then each category page only showed the appropriate projects. I hope this helps!

So you don’t have CMS setup for your “other” marketing pages? For example on our site our Solutions header and pages really follow the same layout and feel, shouldn’t this be CMS?

From your description, this sounds like you can use Webflow’s built-in conditional filtering.

Let’s say you have two collections, named Continents and Countries. Every Country has a ref to the Continent it is on.

On your Continents collection page, you want to show a list of the Countries in that Continent, so you…

  • Go to the Continents collection page
  • Add a collection list and bind it to Countries
  • Set the conditional filtering to show Countries where Continent = Current Continent.

That’s already built in.

But sometimes, things will get more complex, and Webflow’s conditional filtering won’t have the rules you need for filtering. In that case, you can use a script library to control exactly what appears, and what doesn’t.

@Kenneth_Martin your post is a bit old, you must have solved this already?

For anyone else, I’ve done this before by simply using Zapier or Make (Integromat) to connect to the cms collection and loop through all of its items to add the values needed. Now my conditional filters will work the way I need.