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How to add an element into Tab Pane corectly?


I have an issue to add an element (List/ Div/…) into the Tab Pane.

Here is what happened:

  1. I selected the Tab Pane

  1. I selected the List element, but cannot drag it into the Tab Pane.

And honestly, I cannot remember how did I add the list to the Tab Pane above! It was a random success to me.

I have searched this topic on the forum but didn’t find an accurate answer. Please help!

Here is my site Read-Only: (

From my experience, drag tab element in. Delete all but first pane. In the first pane add a div, the give it a class. Add your content inside the div.

When add another tab, don’t copy the first. Add a new one, if the div from one shows, delete it and add a new div, give it a different class. Repeat this for new tabs.

This is just my experience, others in the community may have a better solution. Hope that helps.

It works!! Thank you so much!!

No problem, have a great week!

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