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Tab Issues - repeating tab

I have a tab repeating within another tab. Could someone please assist me with this? The “events” tab is repeating under the “feed” tab.

Thank you!!

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Your events is not nested within the fourth tab pane.

You’ll want to move it inside.


But first you need to change the events wrapper into a normal div element.

Hey there!

You have 2 Tabs Content inside 1 single Tabs module, so that should be part of the issue. One of these is empty, so make sure to delete that one.

Also, your Events Wrapper should be inside the 4th Tab Pane, corresponding to the Events Tab Link.

Inside this last Tab Pane, insert a Div Block, give it the Events Wrapper class and move the collection inside this element into that new Div Block.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you both!! It worked.

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