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Trouble accessing columns in a tab pane


I’m adding a tab widget with 3 panes and I’m trying to add 2 columns to each of the tabs panes

It works for adding the columns to the first tab pane but when I select the second and third tab pane in the navigator I can’t see the tab pane it is not visible so it is not possible to add the columns to the second and third tab pane.

Here’s a screenshot of the second tab pane selected:

As you can see, the tab pane is not visible only a blue line under the tabs itself

and here’s a screenshot of the first tab pane selected:

As you can see, the pane is visible and I was able to add the columns.

Here is my site’s read-only link:

Thank you


Drag your row/columns in to the Tabs Content>Tab Pane for each tab.

The colums are already in Tabs Content>Tab Pane for tab 1 but I can’t see the two others I can’t drag the columns on it

Just looked at your share link and I see a row under each tab pane. Did you get it sorted.

Well sort of but not in the usual way, I had to copy the row over to the other tab panes on the navigator and I had to put something on each column like a text element or placeholder for an image in order for it to stay visible, it is a really strange behaviour.

Did you ever hear of a similar problem ??

Maybe… not sure. When I looked at your share link, I didn’t have any issues dragging items. Do you have a browser addon that’s possible creating an issue? Try working with it using inCognito/Private widow of the browser.

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