How to add a Tomtom Map to my Webflow site


I’m creating a mobile app (under construction) with Tomtom map.
To support the business functionality, I would like to provide a new Tomtom Map page on the product’s developer website here on Webflow (read-only link shared at the end of this topic).

There’s a Map SDK available here:

Could you provide insight into how a Tomtom Map can be integrated in Webflow.

Feature set required of the Map are as follows:

  1. User needs to specify their personal API Key using which their map would load
  2. Map needs to be interactive for pan, zoom
  3. User needs to be able to search for a place/package
  4. User needs to be able to view multiple package locations as the goods move on delivery vehicles
  5. User needs to be able to see more details of a package, upon clicking the corresponding pin (annotation)

To create the above features, I’d be writing javascript code using the SDK.
The scripts that I create - can they be directly uploaded to Webflow, or would they need to be at some other server and Webflow would need the reference locations of each file/folder?
(This would be my first project using javascript as a developer)

Thanks and Regards,

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