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Javascript Map Help!

Hey Webflowers,

I have a client who wants an interactive map placed on their website. The map is javascript and comes from this service: Here’s a website that uses a map from amcharts :

Sadly, I know very little about Javascript. I’m guessing there is some code that goes into the head of the website or page to reference the amcharts libraries and then to actually pull the map onto the page physically, I’d need to use an HTML embed and place some HTML code from amcharts in there?

The client mentioned that they will probably host the map on their AWS server - so I’ll essentially have to pull from their AWS server to bring the map into webflow.

Would love some help!


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At a minimum you should at least review the docs then ask specific questions to get answers to the part you don’t know how to implement versus expecting the community to research your implementation . As an alternative why not post this to the freelance category since you appear to have a paid client?

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Well put.

Here are the docs