How to add a custom interactive map

I am trying to create a map and scrolling content dependant on what is clicked on the map or scrolled in the list. Similar to:

Is there some code that could handle this in WebFlow and maybe use Google Maps?

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A solution only by custom code (With/without webflow CMS) and google-maps API (or Mapbox).
It’s hard to give you an answer (This is more freelancer mission).

Also on mobile, you need another solution (Like your reference - the scroll changed to some slider).

Add click event (Go to #anchor X).

 marker.addListener('click', function() {
    /* do something*/

The topic related:

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hello Louise,
would be great to discuss this in more detail, and figure out a way to implement a solution for you.
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I would like to know about it too!

BTW, @Siton_Systems thanks for the reply. I’ll check it out later!