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RSS Feeds for CMS Collection Items

Any way to add a Webflow blog to an external RSS reader? So if my Webflow blog is maybe it could auto-generate a feed URL like WordPress and other popular CMS’?


Looking for info on this as well.

You can make an RSS feed of about everything on every website by using Kimono ( It works pretty good!

Would love to podcast (audio and video) using my Webflow site, as well as send MailChimp RSS campaigns…but without an RSS feed it’s impossible.

Webflow can you guys put an RSS feed on your roadmap please? :smile:

I Second This

The ability to podcast using Webflow is probably the most important feature you could build for me and my fellow podcasters. It would draw a lot of business this way as most podcasts have really awful Wordpress sites simply because they need a website that can host their podcasts as well.

I know I would be willing, as would many of my Podcaster friends and peers, to pay an extra small fee per podcast for hosting and distribution.

RSS is a must for my blog

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Hi @barnabasnagy, I hear you :slight_smile: RSS will be great to have and I am eagerly anticipating this. In the meantime, one of the Webflow Experts (@sabanna) shared another possible solution in the interim:

Service is

You may register account or create feed without registration

After registration will provide link to page where you have a blog (or some other content that you want to show in RSS feed) it will show your page code source
Next, take chunk of code with dynamic content (usually it is “dynamic item”) and put sign {%} in the places where is dynamic content information.


In this way RSS feed will take content from all dynamic items on the page that you connect to this feed.

@sabanna, if you have any more wisdom to share on that, please do, and thank you!

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Thank you @cyberdave :slight_smile: I am always ready to help if there will be some questions

The Feed43 app is a real pain in the butt… I prefer using the Kimono app! You just click some dynamic items and it automatically generates an RSS feed!

RSS feed for Collection Items is a MUST HAVE. Definitely on the wish list—please let us know once you have it. hasn’t worked for us since we upgraded Webflow to SSL.

Hi @ConsciousApps, could you explain what you mean “since we upgraded Webflow to SSL”? Webflow does not currently support SSL, so wondering if you are using cloudflare?

RSS feeds are coming (very soon) …


Thanks. It’s the only thing missing from proper CMS functionality (since everything else like disqus & forms is easily integrated)

@cyberdave We’re currently participating in Webflow’s SSL beta program.

Just going to leave this here …


Nice work!!! Looking forward to trying this out.

Great stuff. Keep it coming :smile: