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How to add a link to a video which opens up like a popup

Hi everyone,

I want to link to button to a video hosted on another platform.
However, i dont want the reader to redirect to the other page but open that video as a pop up in the same page.
Is this possible?

I have a custom code to the video for the pop up option.

When i try to add a link in webflow, the only options i see are URL, another page, another section, email, phone and document.
There is no option to put to custom code.

Can someone help me with a possible solution?


What you’re looking for is called an embed element, it enables you to copy paste custom html code into it.

1- create your toggle/button

2- set up your pop up div : create a div, style it how you want it and inside it put an “embed” element, copy paste your integration code in there + a toggle to exit the pop up.

3- Create an interaction to hide/show your pop div.
On click on the toggle > Show your video div
On click on the exit toggle > hide the video div