Linking a hero button to a lightbox with youtube video

Hi all. I am building a hero section which contains a button which i would like to activate a lightbox with a youtube video in it. Does anyone know of any resources that show how to do this or might someone be able to give some advice?

Thankyou in advance as always


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Hello @Ten08 is it something like this? It’s possible through several ways, and you can always ‘custom’ build it. Built a pop up that only appears when you click on the button you want, like a pop up.

Hey Kareem. Thanks for the reply. Ideally yes, I need to find a way to have the youtube video appear as a pop up lightbox once the button in the hero is clicked. In your example the lightbox video is is embedded on the page but I’d like mine to not be on the same page. Do you have any tips or point me in the right direction to achieve this?