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Posting Pop Up Video Using Interaction

Hi, I’ve been trying to get a text link to pop up a video on my website when clicked. I’m using the interaction feature for this. But when I click on the linked text in preview mode, the video doesn’t pop up.
Here’s what I’ve done so far, would really appreciate any suggestions you have to fix this problem.
Text link that I’m trying to link to the video:

Interaction settings of the text link:

This is the video I’m trying to link the ‘text link’ to:

Interaction settings of the video:

Hi @Payal_Lal, thanks for your information so far. To be able to help check this, If you could share the read-only link to your site, we can take a look how the interaction and other styles on the elements are setup :smile:

Cheers, Dave

More information about read-only links: