How to add a dropdown to check-out page

Hello all.

I have made my e-commerce website in Webflow. It’s almost done and I am very happy with it.
Now the annoying thing is that as one of my last steps I needed to add shipping information. I found out that you can’t specify the shipping location (only by country). The website I am making is for a flower shop, which only delivers to a couple of towns near them…

As a solution I was thinking that maybe I can only give people the option to choose their shipping address town from a dropdown selection. With a comment that says something like: ‘If you can’t select your town/city then we don’t deliver to your area, sorry… blablabla’ at check-out.

But… then I found out that I can’t add form elements to the check-out page…

Is there someone who can help me with this problem? Maybe custom code, but I don’t know how to write code that’s why I chose Webflow.

Edit: found the solution on this topic! Restrict shipping to state/region and offer 'request a quote' for orders from outside that state - #9 by jaytel

Does anyone have an idea? :slight_smile:

Hi @Nancy

You can add a Shipping Method within the eCommerce settings. For example I made 3 flat-rate options, Town 1 as £3.99, Town 2 as £4.99 and Town 3 as £5.99 (see screenshot).

Then mark/check your products as Require Shipping. This will enable the Shipping Method selection on Checkout (see screenshot).

Hope this helps.


Thank you for trying to help :blush:
However, I don’t think this is the solution i was looking for…

I don’t want anyone who lives more than 10km away to be able to order anything with shipping (because we only ship to towns within a 10km radius). I can not specify this in the shipping settings, so i need to work around those settings unfortunately…

Hi @Nancy

You could look into incorporating a distance api such as on RapidAPI where you would add a search field to calculate the distance between the customers address and your business, if under 10Km then they can proceed to checkout page?

Thank you! This might be a solution, i’m going to look into it :slight_smile:

Would love to know if anyone else has other solutions. Preferably free ones