How much traffic can a Webflow site handle?

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Does anyone know how much traffic Webflow can handle at one time? I don’t mean over a long period of time but more, concurrent users on the site at the same time?

From the marketing, Webflow claim:

"Infinitely scalable server fleet

So when your all-time biggest traffic spike hits, you’ll be up and running without a hitch."

But in practice what does this mean? I have a site that, if on Webflow will see around 21,000 users per day at about around 6,000 concurrent users on the site during an hour. Is this high for Webflow or no sweat at all?

Also, from one day, the traffic will be low (perhaps 1,000 users per day), then jump up straight away so the site needs to be able to immediately scale with that increase.

I know there is an Enterprise solution from Webflow but would be good to quantify what Webflow hosting can handle.


I think if you looked at the cumulative amount of current users across all published sites your totals would amount to a blip. Just remember that there are limits applicable to plans . You should reach out to Webflow directly to discuss the needs of your project. Webflow is not very active anymore in the forums.

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Thanks Jeff, yeah I might reach out directly to them. Thanks for the response.

I remember seeing a detailed post by a community member which went into detail on Webflow account limits etc. I’ll go look for that.


Here are the plan limits on visits as that is what I was referring too.

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Hidden in plain sight! Thanks again Jeff.