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Hosting and amount of Traffic Question

Hi guys! I’ve been digging around on this but the FAQ and forum search doesn’t offer much on specifics.

I’m planning on possibly building a landing page / microsite in Webflow for a client that gets upward of 10 - 20k daily visits. I assume if we use Webflow’s hosting with a custom domain, that amount of daily unique traffic hitting the site should not be an issue?

If it is, we can export and use our own hosting but I’d rather avoid that so I can make changes faster.

Any detailed info you can provide on your server hosting would be great to relay for reassurance. Thanks!

Hey Rick, Webflow’s sites are hosted across a world-wide CDN (content delivery network), which can easily handle that amount of traffic. We’ve had many sites hit Techcrunch + Reddit + HackerNews + ProductHunt without any issues, so you should be fine!