What if I exceed 100,000 visits one month on the CMS plan?

you never know…

I’m planning to blog among other things and say I churn out a really dope single article…and decide not to let any other blogs run it in full, but for some reason that one article goes viral and many outlets decide to feature it with an excerpt and link back to my main website.

I imagine many Webflow users at least aspire to hit 100,000 one month, or 1million for a website on the business plan.

what happens if something goes viral?

Webflow offers immediate scaling on hosting. Which means if you see a spike in traffic for some reason your site will run smoothly.

These are generally called soft caps meaning if you go over once in awhile it not a big deal. If you sustain traffic above your plan limit then Webflow will probably ask you to upgrade your plan.

That’s my understanding, I’ll let Webflow staff confirm.

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