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Maximum number of visitors to a site

Hi - this might be one for the developers. I have been asked to design a very simple site that is going to get far more hits than anything I’ve ever done. What is the maximum amount of visitors a Webflow site can have at any given point before ctashing? Sorry if its a stupid question!

It would depend more on the server than the site development choice. If your site is going to be served on Webflow servers, then they can answer that question. I have gotten 200+ at any one time on Webflow-developed sites with no problems.

Find out what your server situation is, and go from there. If you’re going to have limited resources (ram, cpu, bandwidth) then stay away from background video.

you site will be served by CDN. The same CDN that The Guardian uses. So, you should be fine :wink:

Thank you both -hosted with Webflow :blush:

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Hi @PixelGeek My client is still rather nervous - at it’s peak how many visitors does the Guardian get? It’s not such a huge publication.

We are potentially looking at ~8000 people in an hour when first lauched?

Many thanks

Clients love to be nervous about things they don’t understand. It makes them feel important.

A good CDN is as good as it gets. They have nothing to worry about on the traffic front.

2 Likes is one of the largest online premium publishers of expert-created content. As of January 2015 they boast 83.6 million US users a month, and another 92.5 million monthly users internationally.

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Take it they are hosted on the same platform? :wink:

Yes. Don’t worry about traffic. Do Fastly can handle whatever you throw at it.

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