What if Webflow doesn’t stop?

In response to a similar thread, what happens now?

  • you’ll see more people become web designers just like how other creative industries became easier to get into
  • you’ll see more custom beautiful websites
  • you’ll see more Webflow templates in our official marketplace and in other marketplaces
  • you’ll see faster loading websites everywhere
  • you’ll see developers coding Webflow components
  • you’ll see a more beautiful web. :slight_smile:

Hey PixelGeek,
Love your workshops :sunny:
I’m a developer with a designer eye, how would I go about building components for Webflow as you mention above. Sounds super cool.

Uili from Wellington (NZ)

You can’t build components yet, but it has been talked about on our quarterly live q&a with our CEO.

You can learn more here

Look out Jason Levine, there’s a new kid on the block!

Dude! I am from Wellington too. We should catch up to chat about custom coding on Webflow.

Totally!! I work in town during the week. Where are you? Wanna do lunch next week?

I work at BizDojo on Tory Street. Sounds good to me. I’ll PM you.

  • you’ll see Webflow freelancers with more Webflow requests & demand
  • you’ll see the forum community become more robust
  • you’ll see the world is a better place

It’s wild how far things have done. Just bumping for visibility and the to-do lists. :grin: