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How easy is it to move an entire site in to a new template?

How easy is it to move your site in to a new template? I assume its not a few clicks like installing a new wordpress template! :roll_eyes:

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No. In WordPress "Theoretically", the design and the data are fully separate (This is the idea of a theme). But only “Theoretically” because most WP sites use page-builders like Elementor, visual-composer, fusion combine with a lot of plugins - so in a lot of cases it’s not really true.


In webflow the consept is little difference. You have easy copy-paste, color swatches, global styles (H1-6, p, and so on) and classes, symbols, duplicate a site, CMS Exporting your collections, And a lot of tools that are supposed to shorten this process (Of changing the entire site design/look).

Each template her is a separate product (No way to switch between). But over time you will learn how to create a modular sites (Example: set the font for the body and not for each specific element. And ideas like this).

Wisthlist related (In my opnion its not Practical):