Changing a Theme

Hi everyone,

I understand I cannot switch themes, but what to do if I have paid plan for one site and would like to use a different theme with it. How do I change it to the new one?

Thank you

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Hey @DariaSchumm If you want to use a different Template, you will have to redesign your site with the new Template as a new project. You cannot swap. Then when your new project is all designed, you can purchase hosting for the new project and then move your domain over to the new project.

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I already paid for hosting. Why would I need to purchase it again for new project?

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Site hosting is just for one project and can’t be transferred in the Dashboard. You would need to cancel the old one and purchase a new one.

If you contact support they have the ability to swap it for you. :+1:

I have a blog. If I follow these steps to create a new project (new design or new theme for the blog)… Would I be able to transfer/migrate all of the blog posts from the old project to the new project? And all the pages and all the content on the whole site? Or do I have to re-manually build everything on the new project again?

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I find this fascinating – you can buy a paid theme (hyper tightly coupled to…) hosting for ~ $300/yr but if you wish to change the theme at any point, you simply cannot OR maybe you can contact customer service? Surely you can purchase a theme accidentally for $49 and have an option to change out that theme for a newly purchased theme after paying for annual hosting…

Do I have the above correct?

If swapping themes direct via consumer is not on a feature roadmap for paid CMS hosting, it should absolutely be considered.

Hey @MrRothbard

Templates in Webflow are not quite the same as Themes in other platforms. A template is a starting point in your project, and you cannot apply a new one to an existing project. Using Webflow templates is a great way to jump-start your website process if you’re short on time or need a little extra design inspiration.

If you want to change the look of your site, you would need to purchase a new template or design a new site without one. When you are ready to make the site live, you would need to purchase a site hosting plan for the new project, or support can transfer your existing site plan for you.

I hope that answers yoru question. :slight_smile:

Hi Drew

Thanks for explaining this to me.

My question is, when you have an existing domain with CMS hosting already in Webflow. Then you buy a new theme, and set up a new website as mentioned. When you buy a new hosting plan, and CMS etc will the database be transferred across? I have over 300+ URL’s and need to see the website in context. Can I export a database and reupload to the new template/hosting/CMS?


Hey @Gerry_Scullion

If you are setting up a new project using a new template and hosting plan the database can’t be transferred across. However, you can use the export/import feature in the CMS to move over those items. Static pages would need to be manually created and content added.

Here is some info on the export feature: Export Collection content | Webflow University
And the import feature: Import collection items | Webflow University

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: