Can you buy a website template from Webflow then transfer to Wordpress?

I am trying to re-design a website for a client and came across Webflow’s templates. I really liked the design of some of them and wanted to see if I could buy the template and then transfer everything over to Wordpress?

I am much more familiar with Wordpress so it would be a lot easier to make changes. Would anything be messed up in terms of layout settings, SEO, etc?

To put it simply would it be like adding another page in Wordpress or would it be more complex to where my dashboard would change/having a brand new website?

I just want to make sure I can buy the website template and easily transfer into Wordpress with nothing too drastic changing.

I would appreciate some insight on this if it can even be done as well as insight on if this is even an effective way to build a new website using a template. I would also appreciate some insight as to other effective ways to create a new website with being time and cost effective!


If you can code then yes. The easiest path for Webflow to Wordpress is to leverage Pinegrow which is a theme builder that has this functionality albeit with some limitations. Pinegrow Theme Converter for WordPress

You may be violating the designers copyright however and you should determine that before doing so to avoid legal risk. WordPress is open source and everything built with it is GPL. It is not a walled garden.

Need a skilled dev that has mastered both platforms and done this before? Feel free to DM me.

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