Webflow Teams - can different users work on the same project at the same time?

Our organisation is looking to expand our Webflow capacity and enable multiple people to create/edit new pages/elements in our Webflow project.

Looking at Teams, it appears multiple users can access/design/edit/publish the site, but not at the same time. Is this correct?

If this is the case, what advantage does Teams give to an organisation rather than people in the same organisation simply sharing the same email address to access the project within an Individual plan?

Do Webflow plan to give multiple user simultaneous access in the future? For growing/large organisations having to plan/time-fence access to various users seems massively limited.

For example, Marketing may want to duplicate landing page templates and populate them with content while the design department is working on major UI upgrades. I assume this isn’t possible with Teams?

That is correct.

The team owner controls hosting. When using a standard account, If you share a login others they are effectively logged in as you. That could be a problem or not. I have not checked the TOS but you might want to.

They have not said if they will or not. I don’t find the team plan as viable for my needs at this time. There is no same time editing and no RBAC for team members.

If this is a requirement there are plenty of CMS systems that do support it. It’s not that hard to migrate a WF design to most.

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Thanks again for the help Jeff :+1: