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How do you manage the contracts in your organization?

Hey all,

Hope you’re all doing good amidst the Pandemic.

I own a small business in my hometown. Recently, we updated our website quality and currently working on improving contract life cycle management. We are planning to purchase a contract management software with basic features which we can afford within our budget. I would love to hear from people, who have expertise in buying business software.

For the time being, we use SharePoint application for contract documentation process. Like all the other businesses, we are also affected by the pandemic, which is we are into updated our processes and software. We less expensive software. We’ve been looking all over the internet for CMS software. We’ve been getting a lot of calls and demo newsletters. We have now narrowed it down to two: Symfact contract management system and Dock 365 contract management software. We are a bit confused here.

We are not aware of both the brands yet got attracted to it because of the cost and features offered. So, here I am for your suggestions. If anyone has any suggestions or advices, please reply.

If you have any other recommendations for the same, please let me know. I’d like to know how you guys combine Webflow with Contract Management tools and the tools you are using for the same. Also, which other CMS are you using for your business management?

Waiting for your replies.


Hey there,

You might not get too much help on here, since our main focus is Webflow related discussions.

But in a former life I was a Business Analyst, so I couldn’t resist. Haha.

Both those softwares look like good solutions, but may be overkill depending on what you need. I’m not sure if the pricing, but good to keep prices low during these times.

You mentioned your a small business, and currently use SharePoint? What features are you looking for? You may be able to use something like DocuSign and integrate it with SharePoint.

For integrating solutions, Webflow has a great integration with Zapier and Integromat. And if your a bit technical and want an adventure, you can also integrate with MIcrosoft Automate (previously Flow).

Hi Nancy,

Are you looking for a respository or a Contract Management software that creates contracts?

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