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E-signature for contract on a website


I want to add a contract/ sales agreement for the website I’m working on.

It will have the text portion that are listed contents of the agreement and there will need to have a way to sign it.

I would love it for it to be pdf online or a form with a section that can SOMEHOW allow e-signature. Something like how adobe sends contract to sign via e-mail.

Is there any way on doing this?

Please help… I’m no expert, I’m just helping a family business out.

Do you mean via an integration with Webflow?

We use Zoho Sign for our contracts which is quite a good solution. It also allows you to send requests/contracts via an API so this could be automated and triggered from a Webflow form submission, or other workflow system you use, if this is the aim.


Yes something like that would work perfectly, except I would like it to be ore affordable/free if possible at all.

I know that Zoho Sign does have a free plan but you lose API access for that. I think the requirement to be cheaper than the plans offered by Zoho Sign will be a stumbling point.

The only other sign service I can think of with some decent free access is Pandadoc, but again there would be no automation.

How were you able to integrate Zoho sign into your Webflow created form?

@darkmarkdesign Sorry for the slow reply…

We don’t actually use Webflow to fire off our contracts. This is done from some proprietary service we have to hook up a number of services we use.

However, you could use some custom code to submit your form to a processor somewhere to make API calls to Zoho, or if you host this yourself then you could use your action script to do this, or you could do this via Zapier - both Webflow and Zoho Sign are on Zapier so you could use Webflow data to submit into a Zoho Sign template.