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How do you make the "bottom" of your page responsive?

Hi, I’m having trouble keeping the “bottom” of a page consistent across breakpoints (bottom being the lowest point you can scroll).

Here is my Read only link

If you go across different breakpoints, you’ll notice that the white space on the bottom is too much for smaller screens.

You’ll see that I added a container with padding to establish that white space in the main “Laptop” breakpoint.

This is because when you click “About” in the navigation bar, I want it to take you right to the “About” section (that is, right below the squiggly lines that denote the section). If I removed the container with spacing at the bottom, the page will end up revealing the content above (e.g. the squiggly lines).

I know this container is the problem, but I’m not sure how else to configure the page. Would really appreciate any tips / concepts that I should know. Thank you!