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How do you add a Tablet - Landscape?

Hi there!

I really hope somebody can help me with this as I can’t find the answer…
I need to design for also a landscape, in fact, the landscape view is even more important than the portrait for this project, but I can’t add/find it anywhere!

Who can help me?

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can’t yet define your own breakpoints in Webflow, you have to work with the 4 given to you.

And breakpoints don’t target devices, only screen widths.

Tablets in portrait mode nowadays reach and exceeds the basic 940px breakpoint of a desktop view.

So a tablet landscape will get the desktop view.

I understand you need the tablet to show something different than the desktop (or you have no reason to write you post to begin with) right?

You can use Javascript to show something different on tablet landscape than on desktop. Several ways:

— use scripts to show and hide elements based on their class name, depending on the OS
— use scripts to redirect the user to a specific page when a mobile OS is detected. This is unnoticeable and is quite a cool solution if you can deal with duplicated content and a different URL when you’re on mobile. (weird analytics data)

I can’t give you those scripts, because I don’t code but they’re quite simple scripts you can fond or make develop.

I have used the redirection one with great success, on a Webflow site.

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