Tablets showing desktop and mobile breakpoints

Hello !
I’m trying to figure out why, on a website i’m designing for work, my iPad Pro on landscape mode shows the desktop version, while portrait shows tablet version.
In parallel, my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" shows tablet mode on landscape, and mobile landscape on portrait.
Any tips on how to get around this ?
Thanks !

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - DBCom

Webflow’s media selectors only target screen width breakpoints, not device types or orientations.

Desktop starts at about 991px I recall, so you iPad Pro is likely “wider” than that when it’s in landscape orientation, while your Galaxy isn’t.

Learn to work with it.
Everything about Webflow’s designer and its CSS generation is based on this approach to breakpoints.

If you want to do something small ( CSS-wise ) and specific, like to prevent someone from viewing your site in landscape orientation, you can write custom CSS to target that orientation.

But you’d have a lot of device testing ahead and generally that’s just a bad UX approach.

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