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How do I update my site thumbnail?

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I’ve found that when I sent my site link to others over SMS or social media messengers, the thumbnail attached is the template graphic. How do I update that thumbnail to be a thumbnail of my site?

I apologize for the poor articulation - I’m sure the answer is obvious and widely available, just struggling to find the solution without the right search terms.


Hi @MichaelGoesZany,

If you go into the settings of the homepage, you will see a section that’s called OPEN GRAPH.

This section controls the “sharing” element of the website. For the image, you will have to upload an image into your webflow site, then go to the link via the arrow in the top.right and then paste the URL of the image into that input.

Don’t forget to press save.

Hopefully this works for you.


Thanks Carlos! I just updated it and it’s looking great! :smiley:

Additionally if you would like to have your logo when sharing on messages app of any kind, you should upload a “webclip”.

From the project-settings panel, the first tab “General”.
There you’ll find the “Icon” section, upload the Webclip.

The Favicon is to customize the little icon of the tab.

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