How Do I Change the Sharing Thumbnail

How do i change this image so i can professionally share this page?

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Hey @Asher_Bewersdorf

You need to go to the page OG settings. Check > Open Graph settings | Webflow University

Piter :webflow_heart:

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My website doesn’t have a search results page in the pages section. Do you have a step by step instructions or instruction video? I am really struggling and signed up for the 300 dollars a year plan but i can t share my site until i get this problem worked out.

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Can you share your read-only link?


For a static page, first upload your image to the Assets panel, then grab its URL by right clicking on the “open in new tab” icon to the right of the file name and clicking “copy link address”:

For a static page, open the Pages panel, then hover over the page name and click the cog icon that appears, then scroll down to the Open Graph settings section. Then paste the URL for the image you want to use into the Open Graph image URL field.

For a Collection (aka, dynamic) page, it’s basically the same, but you instead pick an image from your Collection’s fields from the dropdown.


I was going to record a video, but I think this will help you @Asher_Bewersdorf :smile:

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How long does it generally take for changes in the SEO Title, Meta description, and Image to take effect?


For me this helped a lot! Most likely wouldn’t of found this article as soon, thanks!

I followed this but am still getting the same issue as well. Does it take time for this to take effect once you’ve made the change?

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I am getting this issue still as well even after updating and deleting the sample photo

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I had the same issue. After changing all the Oen graph info on all page, I still had trouble with sharing the link on facebook and in messenger, the old info was still appearing. I followed these steps and it worked (facebook debugger) :

To fix any Open Graph issues or to update your OG data:

  1. Go back to your Page settings in Webflow and check that all the information is correct
  2. Fix anything that’s incorrect. Save the page settings and publish your site.
  3. Paste the link in the Facebook debugger, debug and then scrape the data again.

Hello! I am having a similar issues except it’s with our blogs. I have inserted a thumbnail image into the CSS but when we share our blog, we get our logo blown out. See below for the image we see:

Our website is this:

We want our individual thumbnail images to be shared! Thanks so much.

hi! Have you figured out how to fix this on Linkedin? Thanks in advance.

It will be more logical to have a global all pages open graph url settings to do this quickly then allow to override page by page in a second step