Is there a method to allow individual items to inherit a CMS color in a rich text element?

Hi, I’m using some quote and link-elements-styled-like-buttons in my Rich Text on my CMS pages. I was hoping to use the CMS item color, but it seems that the options are quite limited.

Is there a way to change this? I’ve been looking at things like Sweet Text but I don’t want to make the CMS updating too complex for clients

Is there a way to add a code snippet that applies the CMS color to a tag nested in a RTE?

Quote Eaxmple

Button Example

Hey Sammy yes you can do that using an HTML Embed and a bit of custom CSS.
Identifying the CSS selectors you want to target is best done using your browser’s dev tools. Chrome’s is probably the best for that. Here’s how to accomplish that.

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WOW! The quality and effort of that answer just melted my face off! I only have a rudimentary self-study knowledge of code but everything you said makes perfect sense. Thank you so much!

I clicked the Buy Me a Beer button (Because let’s face it, you deserve it, but the link seemed to be broken!

Hey thanks for that, the teaching bit is half the fun.

And thanks a ton for letting me know I’d broken the link too, didn’t think to retest that when I made some edits this week. :thinking: All sorted.


I get a thrill out of teaching too!

No problem! I went back and bought you a beer! I really appreciate the time that you took to teach me. I feel like I learned a new tool, in addition to getting the code snippet that solved my issue!

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