Applying Styles to Blog items

I’m pretty sure what I want is not possible but thought I would ask.

Is there a way to apply css selectors to specific elements in a cms entry?

I know how to style the Rich Text, and I have it looking nice, however, there are occasions when I may just want one item in one particular blog entry to have a particular style.

For example, I may have it set so that all my images in blogs have a white background and shadow. But for one particular image, in my latest post only, I may not want that.

My thinking is that we should be able to highlight something and choose a preexisting style. This could just be another button next to where you pick h1/h2/image settings.

Is there a way to style individual items in individual CMS items?

You can add an embed in rich text and then just type out html and css for that specific element.

hmm rather messy, it would be nice if there was a way to do this naturally and I’m surprised its not something other people would have asked.

Thanks for the workaround though.

Yeah, its be great to see this feature in Webflow, but at this moment here is a best useful way to style content in Rich Text Block: FS+ Powerful Rich Text