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How do I get the 50% off for students?

Hi all,

Quick question, I just signed up with my student account, how do I apply for the 50% off annual fee on website hosting? I read a related forum post on this before. Bug: Can't claim hosting promo code for students

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Hi @hubertchan

Please contact support here:

They’ll be able to migrate your account on a student plan.

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Only the support team can help you with student discount.

Same here after sign up… there no cms-student discount displayed.:roll_eyes: I contacted the support already but received no email yet. Can anyone help me with this? thanks :relaxed:

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How long ago did you contact support? Try reaching out again!

@Andrew would you be able to help with this matter? Not sure what all plans are provided for Student Discounts?

TIA, Brandon

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I have tried contacting support multiple times over the last few weeks. I filled out the form, waited a few days, then contacted support again. Still no response. Could someone please help me with this? Thanks!

@eamon try - if you’ve already tried that email, bear in mind we’re in the midst of a global pandemic and be patient

Yes I understand. Got a reply directing me to a form. Filled it out. I was just worried because the form said response time is approx. 3 days. Apologies.

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Is this what you’re looking for:

Am I the only one or this post feels like it was raided by spammers?

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Not only you :confused:

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