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How do I edit a Nav Link that's in the Collection List Wrapper

I got a Nav menu template that’s build from a Custom List Wrapper. How do I edit a word in the Nav Link? I cannot see the Nav Link anywhere in the Navigator. Thanks

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Can you share a read-only link?


I am trying to remove the word (v2) in All Services in Nav Menu. So I’d like to keep it All Services only. While I’m on it, All Services don’t work and will need to remove it as well. Essentially, I find that I cannot edit or remove these two things unlike the others in the Nav Menu.

All links except the two you mentioned are from a CMS collection.

You can delete or change them here:

I finally figured it out. It turns out I have to double click on what you encircled. Thanks