How do I create and design content at the same time? ...or

I have to be completely honest, the @webflow CMS is really not what I was hoping for. I’m still trying to understand the overarching concept and workflow, but one of the biggest things I was looking for does not seem to be there, at least according to the tutorial videos and my cursory exploration of the interface…

I sort of assumed that I would be able to create content and design that content at the same time in the same interface, rather than having to jump around between several different interfaces. Also, the terminology used to organize and group referenced content, categories and fields, seems incomplete in it’s implementation. I’m not quite sure how I would go about it, though, so I can not currently suggest an alternative.

The data binding system makes sense, of course, linking the same content so that it is editable anywhere and persisted everywhere, but I am not a fan of having to move to the content generator interface to add fields, as it were, to an article, essay, post, etc… and not having the ability to do that sort of editing on the content while in the design interface. And when in the CMS interface there does not seem to be a way to add fields to the current article, post, etc… without, again, having to go back to a separate content editor interface, that is still not the design interface. There are now 3 separate interfaces where I feel there really only needs to be one, or two, at the most.

As an aside, I’m also missing what I would consider to be fundamental field types like audio, table, graph, etc… maybe more will be coming later…and will we be able to extend the platform by creating our own custom field types?

In my opinion, content does not come first, and design does not come first either. They are created together, inform each other, and are iterated on continuously, until the creators and designers are satisfied with the finished product. To me, that is where the brunt of the work lies in creating modern, attractive content. To me it’s a pleasant illusion to consider content and design to be completely separate entities, as CSS has tried to do for almost twenty years, but I feel that this is, in essence, a false dichotomy. Aesthetic design can be separated, sure, but layout is hard to divorce from content, especially when that content needs to reflow to be understandable on different screens sizes and orientations. This ultimately might be a much bigger discussion, though.

Maybe what I want is simply not possible at the moment with current web standards, but I was hoping that this would be at least a little closer to it. Then again, I do not understand the requirements and edge cases involved with designing and implementing a CMS, so my understanding of what is necessary is probably way off base. It also may be the case the content aspirations that I have are simply beyond a solution such as this, and will require custom code in the end.

I think the work that the @webflow team have done is impressive, it just seems to be sort of the opposite direction to what I was hoping for. I mean absolutely no disrespect, I’m just kinda bummed :pensive:

k, rant over…

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