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How Do I create a Dropdown Menu with links to each item in a collections list?

I’ve watched every tutorial video and read every related forum post that I can find. I seem to be severely missing something and I cannot anywhere locate the “dynamic dropdown list” in the webflow tutorial video.

I have a collections page with 10 different items. I want a nav bar dropdown link that provides 10 different links to each of those 10 different collection items.

I cannot even figure out how to manually link the dropdown links to the collection items - the only non-external URL linking option it gives is to link to a page, and my collection list and all items in it are not considered a page so they do not appear as a selectable page to link to.

Any help appreciated.

Welcome to the community, @Alex_Atwater!

Do you happen to have a read-only link available for me to take a peek at? I’m sure I could walk you through the steps with a blank project but it may help to provide something you can follow along to step-by-step.

If you use a Collection list in your menu you Will solve the problem very easy and you Have a dynamic menu. Add a Collection
List to your dropdown

Hi Alex.

Add drop down component, then in dropdown list add your collection.

In the dynamic section - you can get the text from the name
Link you can either add a external link field or click the page icon and select menu item or manually choose a page.

Hope that helps.


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Figured it out! Thank you everyone for the response and Tim for the screenshot.