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How do I create a blog that will list the blog post on it's own page?

How can I have these be clickable. So they can go to their own page ‘hiring a contractor’

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Hi @arodceo!

The best way to approach this in my eyes would be to use CMS its very cool and would suggest you look at some of the videos Webflow provides for it. Here is the intro video.

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I’m [somewhat] familiar with the CMS. So you think we should create the projects in there and then design for them to appear on page (which we are doing rn).

I think the issue we are running into is how can we have it appear properly ie. fit within the page well. And then have that open another page ‘featuring just that page’?

@arodceo Yes I think build a blog using CMS is much easier to manage.

One thing I try to do is make sure all of the photos I use are the same size, sometimes you have to resize and crop to make that happen but then it fits in page much better. As for opening on another page that is up to you as the creator. Thankfully with Webflow if you can imagine it you can probably do it.

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For sure. I’ll look into resizing the images.

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