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Best practices for building a blog with blog series into it?


I have two separate things i want to write about. One is general company updates and product launches. Another is on our series were we highlight our users.

I was thinking of creating a ‘Blog’ page folder. And having the ‘user series’ and company updates within that.
Url would be something like'one of the above series’

However I’m noticing that the folder ‘blog’ can’t be a landing page. Ideally the landing page would show these two and the user can go to one or the other.

Also how does this effect SEO?


Hey there, @arodceo.

Have you considered using the CMS and collection items to accomplish this?

If I am understanding your issue correctly, check out this template to understand how you can create a Blog Page listing all of your posts. Then, you can break them down by category.

Shout out to @elasticthemes; they did a great job on this one.


I’ll check it out right now.

Curious what the best way is for the url to be

Also do you recommend folders or not in this case?

If you use the CMS, there would be no need for folders. Your blog categories and posts are organized in Collections instead. As for the URL, the CMS takes care of creating your URLs, but when it’s set up like the template I put in my last post, the URL would be something like:

Have you used the CMS before? If not, this would be an awesome place to start!

Thanks. That was very helpful and I think I’m starting to understand now. But I still have one question for what I’m trying to accomplish that I hope you would assist me with.

That page (blog home page) show’s three things we want on our website.

  • Company announcements
  • Electrician Interview Series
  • Guides

How do I go about having those pages then come up on the site if a user clicks one of those buttons?

Hopefully that makes sense?

That section needs to be a collection list on the page. That collection list should be linked to a collection of blog categories you make. Then in each of those collection items you’d have a link/button. That button should be linked to the current category it’s associated with. That would then take them to a collection page, which you get to design from scratch. You could add another collection list on this page, connect it to a collection list of blog posts, and then filter it by ones that only have that blog category you want. You’d repeat/duplicate that for each of your three categories.

Hoping this makes sense. It’s hard to explain how to build an entire blog system from scratch :slight_smile: I would continue to look around that template I sent you, look at YouTube for Webflow blog creating videos, and if all else fails, you can always get help from a Webflow Expert. My rec would be @Noah-R at


You’ve been super helpful and I think I’m starting to get it to work right. Thanks a ton.

Will also check out myflowmate!


Cool man, best of luck on the build!

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