Problem Publishing and seeing my CMS blog


Ive been creating a site and wanted to add the CMS blog. Ive created every aspect on the site needed but can’t seem to be able to publish it or add the URL to the buttons that I have displayed.

I search that I could copy the link of the. blog to add it to the button but it hasn’t helped.
Could anyone tell me how can I add my CMS Blog to a page?

Hi Andres, not sure where specifically you’re having problems.

If you’re trying to add a list of your blog articles into a page’s content, you’d use a collection list. I’d recommend you do the Webflow U lessons on that and look at some cloneables to understand how to utilize it properly.

If you’re just trying to link to a page that already has your list of blog articles on it, e.g. a /blog page., you just place a link, and you will find it in your page list.

If you’re trying to link to a specific article, choose the external url option on your link, and link directly to that blog path e.g.


Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I downloaded a prest that had a blog CMS, and it has a blog page, but I can’t seem to display it on the home page in the Blog adding the /blog or /blog/my-blog-slug