How do I change the text color?

I am trying to change the text color on my slider.

When I select the text and click the color button it says:
The value is being inherited from Body(all pages)

How do I change the color?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @Doug23

Here’s some info on the Color Picker and using Swatches. Hope that helps. Happy Designing!

Hey Matt, Thank you for the sending the info.
I am aware of the color picker and swatches how I am not able to use the tool because of the error message it says.

The value is being inherited from Body(all pages)

Where do I go in and change this?

Is this what you’re referring to? This not an error message but more like a road sign informing you where the elements styling is coming from. The orange colored icon indicates the styling is being inherited and clicking the icon reveals which parent element is passing down the style.

Click the swatch (color square) or input box to give a custom color value. The icon will turn blue which indicates the inherited style is being overridden by this elements style.

If this is still not the answer to your question, please provide your read-only link so I can see the project for myself. Also indicate which page/element you’re referring to. Thanks.

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Hi Matthew,
Yes that is the message I am getting. So after I see the message, try to change the color it does not allow me to on the swatch color picker. Here is the link to my site. As mentioned I am trying to change the text on the homepage slider to white.

Thanks for the link. I’m not having the issue on my end. It works using the swatch picker and input field.

Can you upload a screenshot, video, or gif of what exactly happens on your end? That might help determine if this is actually a bug or not.

The solution you shows works! Thank you

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