How to Change Default Color for Text Link

Hello could you please give me instructions on how to change default color for text link located at bottom of home page for Designed by BOC Services?

Thank You so much,

Select the link give it a class and change the text color.

Or you can change the color of all links. Select a link that has no class, click on the selector field, select All links at the end of the list and change the text color.


could you look at my page… I have the font color white but still get the link as dark purple/blue… not sure how to get around this? I can only have the footer link as soft white all other links need to be the default.

Thank you for helping… any further help is appreciated.

Hey @bruceo

Like this ?

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zbrah… thank you for responding to my issue. On my end it just
seemed impossible for the link to change color for me and yet I see it
was working for you. HMMM well it started to work only after I changed
the 100% opacity to less and then back to 100% then I was able to change
to any font color… I doubt this is a bug but if you think it is
please let someone know… I am thrilled that the color changed for me.

again thank you so much for responding to give me help… Awesome job
you did thank you.

Hey @bruceo,

Its a known “bug”, it’s a weird conflict between the parent color and the all link color i think.
Personally i do this when it happens


This is what i’ve done on my previous answer, it just reset the color.


Thank you will do… all ok on color issue for now… now trying to fix
the other issue. Grey area showing under slide show… on Tablet and

hopefully I can change the height to 100% and resolve the issues…

thank you for your support.

ok great @bruceo,

Can you please provide screenshot for your other issue ? I can’t see the grey area you are talking about

Sir I was able to fix it … thank you for asking for a screen shot…
You are a great asset to the forum.

Have a good day… bruceo

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