Text color isn't inheriting as expected

I have tried many different ways to tell all my header/navigation text to be white, but unless I set it on each item individually, it won’t change the color, even though the color shows that it is inheriting white from a parent element.

Inside my Navigation element, there is a container named Nav Contents. On this element/class I set the text color to white. When I look at the children inside Nav Contents, the UI indicates that the color is white, and is inherited from Nav Contents. But it’s not white, it never changes no matter what I’ve tried.

What am I not getting?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Can anyone duplicate this behavior?

I’m afraid it won’t work like this… original navbar links have a default color inherited by a webflow class .w-nav-link (#222, the black you see). If you replace it by either a text link or a text inside a link block, the blue browser style will default instead of the far inheritance.

I’m not sure I entirely understand, but how can I accomplish what I need to do - make the text color change to something else on a transition? I already have the background of the nav become more opaque at a certain scroll position, I need to change the text color as well.


I don’t understand what your problem is. Just select a Nav Link and give it any color you crave.
Honestly though? Please give your Navigation a background color, it is horrible to read no matter the color.

P.S.: What he means is this

I would like to define the link/text colors in one class so I can use a transition to change that color based on page position. When I try to use a class to override the default link color, the color still doesn’t change, as shown in my public link above.

Thats not possible with one class. Just assign several.

I’m confused. Classes are used to define similar traits in multiple elements. Are you suggesting I create a separate class for each different navigation link that contains the same settings??

Thanks for your design feedback, but the site is no where near complete. I’m trying to get functional items to work before focusing on design.

Hi Namlet,

can you maybe give an example website which shows what you are trying to achieve?

I simply want to change the text color of the nav links, I’m not sure an example is necessary. I have a class called Nav Link that I added to each navigation link. This class sets the nav text to white. But as you can see from the public link above, they do not change color.

They change color just fine.

What are you changing to make this happen?

Nvm, it seems to be working now. Thanks for your help!

The Nav Link class

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