How do I an an image to Search results

I am trying to add an image to Search Results. Seems easy…but I’m failing.

I’ve inserted an Image box into the search results layout. Chosen the “Search image” from “Get image”. But nothing appears.

Everything else works fine. I’m stuck!

Thank you! Preview link to my site below.

Here is my public share link:

Looks good to me. Are the images not showing?

Those images seem to be artificially added by the Webflow preview function (took me a while to figure this out!).

Here’s all I get. But since the Search function doesn’t work under preview this may be a hard one for anyone to help me with.

Solution: It is necessary to activate the Open Graph options in the Page settings.

Click the cog icon by the Blog Posts page. Select your image from the Open Graph section. I chose Main Image to be my default image. Then re-index your search, via the big cog icon on the far left (under all the other layout options). The republish your site.

Make sure you have an image in your search results layout, and in Image Settings that the tick box is ticked to get the image from Search Index.

That will do it

Good work! Mark your answer as the solution so other people can refer to it.