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On my search results page, I’m trying to use the “get image from search index” feature. However, it doesn’t seem to work and I cannot get any image to appear in it. It’s probably something simple, but right now I really can’t get why this happens. Any help?

Here is my public share link:

@Rudeism -
I noticed you have the search image defined as using the OG Image which is not set. Please review the search feature in the University

I read it all but I still really can’t get it. :confused:
Can you please explain this in more detail?

Site search settings

You can control what content displays for the search title in the Page Settings for all of your site’s static pages and Collection Pages. For Collection Pages, this content can be pulled from any field, similar to how you’d configure SEO and Open Graph settings.

Similarly, you can set a custom search description and a search image for each of your pages, or pull in that content from the SEO description and the OG image.

Control what content displays in search results under your Page Settings.

Displaying content “type”

You can use the search description field to add additional information to your search results. For example, say you want to show visitors what type of content a specific search result by displaying the blog post category alongside the result.

‍Display additional information in search results by getting creative with the search description field.

Simply add your category name to the search description field, then connect a text field in your search results layout to the search description field, then style as you wish.

‍Example: use this new field to display the type of content that a search result is.

Adding a search results thumbnail

You can also set a search image under your Page Settings, just as you’d set an OG image. Once you’ve added a search image, you can add this image to your search results by connecting an image element to that search image field. You can also set the search image as the source for a background image on a div.

Want to add images to your search results? Not a problem.

Yes, I read those already. If I go and choose search image this happens:

Where does it go and why it does that?

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ah, that one got me confused at first, too. It’s because you haven’t got an image set for that search result. Not on the search page but the actual page. Have you got images on those pages?
It happens with the CMS as well

I got the image to appear now but only after I’ve published the site (

On the editor I cannot see anything anymore, it’s just in the “no results” mode, even after I’ve clicked the “default” button.

I’m pretty sure the designer’s search results are just placeholders? You can only see the actual page search results on the live site but maybe I’m missing something

Ah, now it works again. It was probably just a bug in my safari browser, has happened before. Thank you for all your help!

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hey, i am also getting the same problem, the images disappears
what to do with it

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@Vivek_Gupta Could you share the read-only link to your project? How to Enable a Webflow Share Link. That way we can take a look.

I’m having this issue now. Not sure why. Have you figured it out?

I’m also having the same issue. Here’s my read-only link and my published site if you wouldn’t mind taking a look

I figured it out! You have to re-index the site for it to show the images. Otherwise, it will take 3 days for it to re-index by itself.

You can do it like this:
hit settings on the far left hand panel, then search

Then index
You can only index it once a day unless you are on the Business plan, so keep that in mind if you are making a bunch of changes. I would make as many changes as possible without being able to see your work and then index when you’re done and hope for the best until you come back to it.

this is how my search results look right now - obviously i need to play around with the design to get it looking right.

Hope that helps!


yay! Happy to hear you figured it out @CampingGirl!

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