How do I add multiple images?

Hi everyone! I’m trying to add educational materials to our site. We have 100+ chemistry materials and it has lots of images, each after a particular paragraph. How can I add these materials as a web page using CMS collection? Or I have to design each page manually and then just connect a link to the button at the preview card of the material? Here’s some screenshots of one of the pdfs that I have to add to our site as a webpage

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Atrium
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If you want to keep the PDFs intact as part of the CMS content you can just add some file fields and upload your PDFs directly. Students can then click a button to download and view them.

If you want to eliminate the PDFs and extract their text and images into HTML, you can do that manually into a rich text field. You might be able to automate some of the PDF → HTML conversion using tools like Acrobat, Zamzar, PDF.js, PDFcrowd.

They’re all different and you’ll get varying results.

If you’re able to extract the PDF content into HTML somewhere online, such as in a Google Doc, I’ve had some luck in the past copying from there and pasting into a rich text element. At times Webflow has been good at importing the images when they’re copied from an online source.

Not always though. Your mileage may vary.

This one helps! But my CMS items are not appearing in search results. How can I fix it without Jetboost?

I’m not sure what you’re referring to- site search results?
PDFs won’t be indexed.

If you’re talking about CMS items in some kind of filtered view, I find Finsweet CMS filter is a great way to build that, with no added monthly cost.

I added text and photos as a rich text, not PDFs, but CMS pages aren’t indexing

Ah, that’s clearer-

First it can take some time to index, up to 72 hours. 24 if you re-request an indexing.

Second, check all of the elements to make certain the “Exclude content from search results” is NOT checked. Same for the collection page settings, which looks OK.

Third, make sure search has something to display, you configure that here for your collection page, it’s currently blank.

Fourth, you cannot site search pages that are access restricted using Webflow User Accounts and access groups. According to the readonly view, you are not using User Accounts- but just in case, that’s important to know.