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Adding multi images into a non grid layout in a collection page

Hi friends :slight_smile:

Im working on this site. I have this collection page pulling the text info from its respective cms item. And I designed this scroll-layout, for the correspondent images to be displayed (right now the images displayed you are seeing are static content).

Each item has the text and buttons info and multi-images (25). But when I try to upload the multi-images in the correspondent image elements on the scroll, it´s not possible and the cms only suggest to be able to find only the “single image” photo (but not my 25 photos :S :S :S )

What can I do? Because I need this layout to be displayed over the 50 coll. pages, where each page pulls their correspondent images into the layout. Is this posible?

I tried making a grid and it worked, but looks boring and ugly, I wanna have the same layout and its not possible with a grid!

How can I pull those multi images in my collection pages without having to use a grid???
Does webflow support this or not yet?

Here is my public share link:][1]